this is a list of usenet servers

i usually post to quimby.gnu.

the group religion.emacs


if you have something
to say which falls into 
these 18 censored categories
say it on usenet

just download News Groups
from the google app store


to the 18 also IMPLANTS,
like brain, cardiac pacemakers
should be added.

like was predicted in scifi
all advanced extensions to
a persons body eventually
bring him in conflict with
the manufacturer

i cannot speak freely on
social media about my implant

i have always been warned
to avoid radars. but since
2006 some luxury cars have 

i have been discommunicated,
jailed and thus rely on...


i am a cyborg

but quimby has my story

another conspiracy

the truth is in the hands
of companies with 10.000
patient research or 
10.000 engineers

nobody else is anybody