Sexual child abuse - wiki & comments && DESIGNS

Child sexual abuse is

o a form of child abuse

o in which a child is abused for the
sexual gratification of an adult or older adolescent


It includes
direct sexual contact, the adult or otherwise older person
engaging indecent exposure (of the genitals, female nipples, etc.)
to a child with intent to gratify their own sexual desires.


To intimidate or groom the child, asking or pressuring a child to
engage in sexual activities, displaying pornography to a child,
or using a child to produce child pornography.


'indecent exposure is a puritan 19th
Century British and later USA thing...

OUR def. 'sexual': inserting penis, tongue,
dildo, obj into female...

Pagans, witches disagree here:

To equate exposure with sexual,
Is a disgrace to humanity, the body,
and normal interaction... At least for
us pagans... // Find diverse groups??
Here - the Zone

Or read about nudity Vs play Vs sex

end of comment ]



Effects of child sexual abuse include
shame, self-blame,
depression, anxiety,
post-traumatic stress disorder,
self-esteem issues, sexual dysfunction,
chronic pelvic pain, addiction,
self-injury, suicidal ideation*,
borderline personality disorder,

and propensity to re-victimization in adulthood.


*Child sexual abuse is a risk factor for
attempting suicide.


years later

Additionally, some studies have shown
childhood sexual abuse to be a risk factor of the
perpetration of intimate partner violence in men.

Much of the harm caused to victims becomes
apparent years after the abuse happens.


3 designs by Phantom dotUniversity

A pill

o one could design a chemical
or electronic PILL to swallow
and then prove abuse ...
But using a hidden cam is easier...



o secretly FILMING the abuse
Child porn should be no crime
to upload, for evidence, a signal, etc
o instead police should be able to remove
unwanted, by then processed footage:
Therefore computers, servers should change
to ease removal of content, footage,
for privacy and judicial reasons,
not because its banned
Lots of files are already interfered
with on systems like Dropbox, ftp, etc

The shield

Phantom proposes a city safety SHIELD

Guard against pain, victims of accidents,
abuse, and crime - see bottom of page
And here:


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