- "Sex is Holy, for making Babies" - remove all that Trash

Under construction


Created after the

PornHub affaire - Dec2020ad

12/14 2020 - BBC news on pornhub


More on sex, play && crazy
wisdom SOON ... The guru stuff!

But first:


o there's millions of sites
o all copying eachother
o a large percentage is footage
of sex acts the female/male regrets,
regrets the upload, copying or it
is undeniably rape or sexual revenge porn

o ... We propose blocking all and
auctioning of 20 domains with
100% legal, monitored sex, and
that way get rid of sorrow, exploitation
and abuse... Leading to stress,
shame, problems in relations & suicide,
and what not...


We MONITOR the following sites
Because we feel they are too edgy

No illegal things yet, but
if things with SEXPORN get
worse than it already is, PHANTOM
EXPECTS THAT SHIT to happen here:

o not always safe cammin'
Amazing that they're Https now, sort of
Licensed, in the administrative meaning
but not 100% judged on content, the sexporn

o updates / comment... Under construction 02/02

Also on the edge, in Holland (south or north ??)
is payed sex & play, in person. Here on 'twitter'

o horror -

We make a distinction between
cammin' and the real world:
in the real world is more physique
threat, power, muscle & pregnancy.

We promote cammin' and play.
But not too close to the holy sex act...


Your Guru,

Lessert Th. Godim-Pare



we actually realize now...
o the sexporn & revenge porn is
a much smaller problem
than the perps of actual abuse

So we won't go into 100s
to millions of deaths (climate)
That's kind of forbidden 'relativism'

Phantom uni says
o cars and climate is worst
o then actual child abuse
o then cars & traffic deaths
o and smaller is suffering
and deaths (suicides) from
sexporn and revenge porn

Here at Phantom's publisher
is a message called msg01
that actually does such relativism...


=== end of note

PS ...


Where to find modern cammin'

o click around on
- the best models!

And, find a cp license or go to Tor / darkweb
but.. there's no very little cp without bitcoin
Support our army! Your browsing secures all!

Do it! Its simple... And surveillance
Is booming since October
/ lockdown 'for Covid'

PS we are not so radical on cp
we are engineer with medical background
If you don't get it now :| ... Nude & medical?
read why here:

Phantom University
Is wholly designed to fight abuse & neglect
Besides teaching safety shield, neuro & Klima

REF - Definition of (sexual) child abuse

=== eof