IMMORTALS (a Japanese concept, and a Polish Japanese movie) && EUGENICS - Small Extension of wiki text

Jill, a young woman with blue hair, is arrested. She is not completely human; her tissues appear to be no more than a few months old according to an examining physician, although her physical form is already that of an adult. She also possesses a number of secret powers, including one that enables her to procreate with gods, though she knows nothing of this.

[This makes Jill being captured,
And experimented upon,
by corporation 'EUGENICS' - pills, tests]

Horus is given a limited time to interact with the humans of New York and procreate. During his search for a host body, Horus encounters Nikopol, a rebel condemned to 30 years of hibernation who, due to a mechanical accident, escapes his prison one year early.

Horus has been unsuccessful in attempting to take over the bodies of other humans; due to an incompatibility with the genetic alterations humans have undergone, the host bodies self-destruct while attempting to accommodate a god. Nikopol's body is acceptable as it has been frozen in prison/storage and not undergone the genetic changes causing the rejections. Horus takes partial control of Nikopol's body and starts looking for a woman he can mate with to provide him a son before his death sentence is carried out.

Nikopol & Jill end up happily in Paris.


On phantom

Law in Holland && special, weak groups
Vulnerable, hurt in past, fear Vs pain (euthenesia)

Bbc: don't mix (all three of)
Religion, medical, sexual.
NB That's fit for a clash intenser
than religious war!!

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