welcome to www.freefr.ee - The Free Economy & Free Quality - btw free loves Eesti! (.ee)

on the 'free economy':
free products, like code
unlike .com's commerce...

step 1/3

safer from ills and crime
assoc with money, commerce
and bigmoney market

a domain LIKE www.Freefr.Ee
is also a small money thing
dotEE #Eesti, Estonia NE-Europe

step 2/3
proof, or truth
in slogans abv.

easy to prove

2.1 free? kids come
2.2 product MUST improve
to guarantee #childsafety
2.3 free economy ... DEAL :)

step 3/3

So, in the #EU
Enterprise commerce is

"too job-by to be
bothered by much"

by speech or issues!!

THIS is what EU protects
2016-2021 HM CF
bans, censors, fines for
hate - memes - copyright issues - fake



On browser, ftp blocks,
bans, memes, fake news in #EU:

www.recht.school (in Dutch)
And its English part on Freespeech
Here: http://phantom.university/node/114


Also see #freespeech & #green at www.pearltrees.com


That's all && Thank you,
Love Eesti Estonia

Lijpje M vK - #Wassenaar town - ZH, Holland

www.freefr.ee & online university
are a legal entity, $$... 'the finger' included :|

=== eof