Magick! - Leukemia & media stars / real angels - phantom in between feature


o MIRACLES... As in Fantasy, Police, Angels from the in between, the Army, or... (Invisible) HARRY POTTER & witch craft stuff:

A) want to be magic like Harry Potter? it's exceptional but not impossible - esp. when you are a 12 til 16 old teen with low energy, fatigue, cancer (shamans practice fatigue, cold & low light)

B) requirements for magic are simple - fatigue (LOW FREQ brain GAMMA eeg, potentially bad for planning & reasoning) and HIGH VOLTAGE magnetic fields (which are quite NATURAL IN THE AIR in most environments, and we DONT MEAN 120/240V VOLTAGE FROM THE MAINS)

Sum) So, air: high voltage - fatigue (cancer, teen exhaustion): low brain gamma - ingredients for real magic perception, spirits, thought transfer & inception - read about the science of miracles here


The SCIENCE of magic perception & spirits



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Girl pictures of stars & nonude models

We lost a girl we loved, back in 1980s
She was 16 but since was dead then
We wish we loved her at 10 or 12:


Under construction ...
Call again in a week plz :)

Yours Entirely,

Prince VN MMG Lijpje M

Wassenaar ZH - Feb 21ad
Fndr / owner Phantom Uni schools


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