Fndr/Owner Phantom online university. 
July '08: threatened with 4 machine 
guns & 'death in 5min' by uk airport 
Police vr green protest. 

#MeDead ... Lijpje will do ANYTHING

THE PROPHECY 1980 ... for 1998 when lijpje was about 7 years old he was very prophetic concerning the lines of his future life... o I knew I would have a blind girl o I thought I would be a monk and study quietly in a monestary cell What happened... o since 1998 I live with spirits they"re blind o I think I thought I would need to study religious documents about the soul because a spirit was already present in me, hidden ... turned out to study neuroscience from 1995 til 2013, and waves after that
RESEARCH into PING PONG BALL BUTTS at our front you can see a few of the almost 100 tween butts we inspected after our nurse reported that wild growth in the shape of a pingpong ball can grow in an injected butt. Since kids are anti climate change and the most vulnerable potential victims of the Soviet dissident treatment style of so called 'mental health' in the west starts research with child porn. Obviously. Status: works on significancy.
ECOWATCH to protect the climate and ecology (6th extinction going on) humanity has to QUESTION: work o planning o work ... esp. o infra o transport ... esp. o trade real estate o building ... esp. o heating cooling ... esp. the law o protects against change ... esp. PRESSURE IT! see original note as deducted from wiki catg