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Life in the chaos before climate disaster 
2070ad and centuries to come...

BAD - Updates from the cool planet on fire HIDE 247 - Hiding from hell in your bedroom GOOD - Action at home tips


live world news

price hell fuels

news on the youth

news on the youth (dutch)

library on climate impact

bate with new friends

hell some tween butts

order stay phat meal

list local shops in case


make calcs to help out

monitor your free media world

prep for anarchy with Scribd book list

prep for approach with fav movie list

dance 2hr with Spotify track list

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You see... living in a closed-off digicosmos, the screen is green. A lot of modern green activists want people to stay OUT of nature. Our sister site cyberspace green. Plz consider leaving lifeout. ThankU!
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