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Climate News -- ScienceDaily
The Outcry of Scientists: The Climate Crisis Is Here | Her Campus
Over 700 scientists endorse mass civil disobedience to fight climate crisis: 'Moral duty to take radical action' -
Current policies will bring ‘catastrophic’ climate breakdown, warn former UN leaders | Climate crisis | The Guardian
Traffic noise slows children’s memory development, study finds | Pollution | The Guardian
Many Cities Could Sink Beneath Rising Sea Level
Visualizing the $94 Trillion World Economy in One Chart
Ranked: The Biggest Companies in the World in 2021
Every Company Disney Owns: A Map of Disney's Worldwide Assets | TitleMax
radical climate action at DuckDuckGo
Police drag Extinction Rebellion campaigners from London City Airport
Grote zorgen kabinet over Schiphol, aantal vluchten mogelijk fors omlaag | NOS
#DontScreenusOut - Twitter Search / Twitter
• Ukraine civilian war casualties daily 2022 | Statista
Changing our DNA: 'The age of human therapeutic gene editing is here' - CNN
21 Life Goals to Set for Yourself (and Actually Achieve!)
Pleasures Of Life Quotes (44 quotes)
The Progressive - Media Bias/Fact Check
future earth one big city at DuckDuckGo
Can all people in the world be rich at the same time? - Quora
Autism & disorganized thoughts | Embrace Autism
Eadric the Wild - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Education for Blind Children of Bangladesh - GlobalGiving

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Live Cam | Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Rides Ocean City MD
HD Live Webcam Sunset Beach Pier, NC, USA
Live Webcams - Boarding & Beyond - Watch Playtime Live!
Live Cam Elafonisi - Chania | SkylineWebcams
Mattercam | Webcam of Disneyland Live | Howard Johnson Anaheim
EarthCam - Meerkat Cam

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Bloomberg Green - Bloomberg
Climate Change | Topics | EESI
Climate News -- ScienceDaily
Whats New – Berkeley Earth
The Daily Climate - Building a global climate movement.

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Wheel of the Year - Sabbat Calendar of Pagan Holidays
Wiccan Holidays – Wicca Now – Everything You Need To Know About Wicca
Sabbaths « The Book of Shadows – Pagan networking and witchcraft social discussion site for all your forum needs
Wiccan Sabbats
Confessions of a Former Teen Wiccan | What It's Like to Practice Wicca | Teen Vogue
What is Wicca? History, Beliefs, and Practices (Plus What the Bible Says)

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European, Middle Eastern & African Stocks - Bloomberg
Watchlist - Bloomberg - Bloomberg Markets
Energy & Science - Bloomberg
Bloomberg Politics - Europe - Bloomberg
The Bloomberg 50: The People Who Changed Global Business in 2021
Live Shows

tech vs morals

Child porn law goes nuts: 14-year-old girl charged for nude selfie | Ars Technica
"illegal content" eu fighting dsa at DuckDuckGo
dsa eu "msn" at DuckDuckGo
freedomhouse rank usa at DuckDuckGo
rape "purpetrator" be confronted metoo at DuckDuckGo
subscribers climate subreddit reddit at DuckDuckGo
wet naakt buiten at DuckDuckGo
La Rochelle - Wikipedia
Edgar McGregor on Twitter: "Anyone else seen a massive rise in climate denial content in the last 48 hours? What the heck is going on?" / Twitter
Quantitative EEG studies of pedophilia - PubMed
Press Contacts | Electronic Frontier Foundation
EU plans to fight child sexual abuse online with new law obliging tech firms to report offences | Euronews
UPDATE 2-EU sets new online rules for Google, Meta to curb illegal content
Explained: European Union ground rules for Web
Seks tegen de wil en seksuele intimidatie worden strafbaar | Nieuwsbericht |
The 15 #MeToo Twitter accounts you need to follow |
War censorship exposes Putin’s leaky internet controls – Boston News, Weather, Sports | WHDH 7News
With coercion and black boxes, Russia installs a digital iron curtain | World News,The Indian Express

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Spinnortality: Become the Megacorporation – Neon Dystopia
Elisabeth WASSENAAR (Betje of Leijpje) : genealogie per Fred BERGMAN (bergsmit) - Geneanet
Stanisław Lem - Wikipedia
Top 10 Most Popular Online Games In 2022 | Updated Ranking
1973-2011 lifestream - event_log.htm
Druid Philosophy, Festivals & Ogham
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the free zone |
Lijst van 10 vindbare actiegroepen op Nederlands Web |
104 - NOS Teletekst
hoger beroep shell - Google Search
Ranked: The Biggest Companies in the World in 2021
Ammonite (2020) - IMDb
Life expectancy - Wikipedia
Арсальто, 3 класс. Урок современной хореографии. Разминка. Педагог Шварцман Светлана - YouTube
(149) Pinterest
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GCHQ leak lists UK cyber-spies' hacking tools - BBC News
QAnon - Wikipedia
Door politie neergeschoten vrouw (48) overleden aan verwondingen
Door politieagenten neergeschoten man (36) overleden, agenten voelden zich bedreigd | Den Haag |
Aleppo offensive (November–December 2016) - Wikipedia
Climate News -- ScienceDaily
Technology | The Guardian
Science & Environment - BBC News

religions scily

Scientology memory theory - Google Search
Neuroscience Concepts in a New-Age Religion: Scientology's Model of the Mind



cyber attacks european at DuckDuckGo
Ukraine halts half of world's neon output for chips, clouding outlook - CNN
What is defence alliance Nato? - BBC News
Russia launches biggest war games since Cold War - BBC News
Russia and China hit back at Western sanctions - BBC News
Orthica Kelp-150 (mineralen) - 120 Tabletten |
Rowenta Intensium BU2751F0 - Bijverwarming |
Gasprijzen rijzen de pan uit: gemeente Almelo kampt met energiearmoede | NPO Radio 1


Gênante blunder: Nederlandse minister van Volksgezondheid weet niet hoelang coronapatiënt in isolatie moet | Het Nieuwsblad Mobile
Hoe COVID-19 de muzieksector in het hart raakt — deel 4 | Features | VI.BE

‘Tired of broken promises’: climate activists launch hunger strike outside White House | Climate crisis | The Guardian
=== Climate change: Biden summit to push for immediate action - BBC News
100 million to die by 2030 if world fails to act on climate | Reuters
2022 Current Defcon Level Today | Today's Overall Alert Status Now
250m Passenger cars in the EU - Statistics Explained
9 Ways to Help Others During the Coronavirus Pandemic - Idealist
All-electric future comes at a huge cost — RT Business News
Carbon Footprints Of Everyday Products & Things - Better Meets Reality
consciousness quantum field - Search Results - PubMed
COP26 chief says 'moment of truth' for the planet in last-ditch plead to save troubled climate agreement - CNN
COP26 climate agreement reached in Glasgow with unprecedented reference to fossil fuels - CNN
Cop26 ends in climate agreement despite India watering down coal resolution | Cop26 | The Guardian
COP26 goes into overtime as deep divisions remain over key issues around money and markets - CNN
Ecumenopolis Earth | Could the Earth ever become one big city?
Extinction Rebellion: What is it? -
Fors meer energiearmoede als gasprijzen blijven stijgen
Fossil fuel subsidies reach US$87 billion in EU countries – and they're growing
Fracties | Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal
Gaia hypothesis - Wikipedia
Global warming will hit 1.5C by 2040, warns IPCC report | Financial Times
Help with Twitter search
Human Freedom Index | Cato Institute
Hurricane Katrina - Wikipedia
Industries/Sectors That Emit The Most Greenhouse Gases & Carbon Dioxide - Better Meets Reality
Inspectie: studenten gaven onderwijs in crisis genade-zesje - Punt.
Internationaal verdrag inzake burgerrechten en politieke rechten - Wikipedia
KNMI maakt de balans op: zomer 2018 warmste in 300 jaar - MAX Vandaag
Kosten uitvaart berekenen - Uitvaart .nl
Nederland Elektrisch - Cijfers en statistieken EV's in Nederland
Recent Articles -
Rekeningrijden - Wikipedia
shell veroordeeld
Spain’s agri-minister: We are EU’s ‘vegetable garden’ thanks to innovation, quality –
Sterfte | Coronadashboard |
Syrian civil war - Wikipedia
Techbedrijven hebben onderwijs in houdgreep | De Algemene Onderwijsbond
The climate disaster is here – this is what the future looks like | Environment | The Guardian
Total population by child and adult populations | KIDS COUNT Data Center
US and EU tech strategy aren’t as aligned as you think | Fintech Zoom - World Finance
Veiling tankstations levert staat bijna 162 miljoen euro op
verniel! vk 0514
Volvo to Stop Selling Gasoline Cars in 2025 - The Car Guide
Welkom bij Extinction Rebellion // Welcome to XR · Extinction Rebellion Nederland
Will the Earth ever become a city planet? - BBC Science Focus Magazine
Earthhope Action Network Blog
0526 Rechter: Shell 'kan en moet' CO2-uitstoot fors terugdringen | RTL Nieuws
ipcc6 UN climate report shows renewables are economically viable replacements for fossil fuel - CNN
ipcc6 Dire warning on climate change ‘is being ignored’ amid war and economic turmoil | Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) | The Guardian
ipcc6 Climate change: IPCC scientists say it's 'now or never' to limit warming - BBC News
Sixth Assessment Report

do damage

audi - Google zoeken
bmw - Google zoeken
jaguar - Google zoeken
land rover - Google zoeken
lexis - Google zoeken
volvo - Google zoeken

cop27 wiki
Conferma Donazione - GSIF for DR Congo
e1100 Plant trees or offset your carbon emissions | Trees for All
CO2 emissions – Global Energy Review 2021 – Analysis - IEA
China To Build 43 New Coal-Fired Power Plants – Watts Up With That?
Coal in China - Wikipedia

filth uk

Green activists hurt average Americans with their latest corrupt assault on fracking | Washington Examiner
The crucial role of activism in scrapping Heathrow's third runway | Joss Garman | The Guardian
Undercover officer spied on green activists | Environmental activism | The Guardian
Undercover police had children with activists | Police | The Guardian
UK undercover policing relationships scandal - Wikipedia
Green activists face grave threat as death toll doubles in a decade | Environmental activism | The Guardian
Road protests return: a new generation takes on the bypass builders | Trees and forests | The Guardian
Met police spy has long-term relationship with activist after quitting covert role | Undercover police and policing | The Guardian
Mark Kennedy knew of second undercover eco-activist | Environmental activism | The Guardian

Twitter admits temporarily suspending Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders | Euronews
Zo rijk moet je in Nederland zijn om bij de rijkste 1% te horen geeft jongeren praktische tips om te stoppen met roken

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